The Bonzini,
90 years of family history

                 Bonzini was founded in the Paris suburb of Bagnolet, where it is still based today. In this historic setting, it continues to perfect its unique brand of craftsmanship and industrial and technological expertise. A legacy of excellence that led to the design of its two top models, the iconic, multi-generational B60 and B90. The family story started in 1927...


The company’s CREATION

Joseph Bonzini, an Italian-born carpenter, joined forces with a fellow Italian, the mechanic M. Sopransi, to establish the Bonzini & Sopransi - Mécanique Générale et Menuiserie Industrielle company, which produced games, automatic devices, and car and aeroplane parts.


1935 : The 1st Bonzini football table was produced in the Bagnolet workshop. Bonzini Babyfoot football tables have always been designed to be more than just games - they are elegant pieces of furniture that combine expert carpentry and precision mechanics.

Around the same time,Joseph Bonzini’s nephew Raymond Bergaglia left Nice to join his uncle’s business.



Raymond Bergaglia, Joseph Bonzini’s nephew, took over the family business and developed new foosball table models. It is his determination, drive and commitment to quality that made Bonzini’s reputation.

Creation of the B53
and serial INNOVATION

1952 : The B53, the first model in Bonzini’s new range, emerged from the workshop. This highly innovative model already offered players a level of comfort and playability that set it apart from the competition

Its telescopic rods were appreciated for their flexibility and strength, with unbreakable aluminium figurines screwed onto them.

It featured 100% Frenchmaterials.

Bonzini, inventor
of the TELESCOPIC rod

The parts of the rods which extend outside the cabinet are potentially hazardous for people on the other side. To put a stop to the recurring accidents caused by the rods, Bonzini developed the ingenious solution of telescopic rods.

Each rod is fitted with a tube which slides around a bar attached to the cabinet and an internal spring to absorb its movement. This halved the rods’ length, so they no longer extend outside the cabinet.
It also makes them more flexible and comfortable for users for more fluid play.


B60, the creation
of an ICONIC model

1959 : Raymond Bergaglia designed the B60, the authentic coin-operated Bonzini table..The B60 has become a French legend: 95% of France’s 250,000 cafés with a football table chose the B60.
Today, the B60 is still THE standard Its sturdy build, precision, playability and design make it the top choice for bars, restaurants, municipalities and other agencies.

With its instantly recognizable shape and look, it has often been copied - but never equalled.
Look out for counterfeits!

Bonzini, Bergaglia & SONS

Raymond Bergaglia’s son Gérard joined Bonzini and expanded the business in France and internationally.

1st ACCESSIBLE model

1985 : The 1st wheelchair accessible model created. Bonzini was the first French manufacturer to develop wheelchair accessible tables to help people with disabilities enjoy table football. The company did extensive research and development with disabled players to modify the table and make foosball a truly inclusive sport.



The company grew and the factory moved farther down rue Désiré Viénot in Bagnolet. This new space enabled Bonzini to keep pace with the rise in demand and the growing popularity of its tables.

1989 : Gérard Bergaglia succeeded his father at the head of the family business.

Creation of the B90 ORIGINAL

In the same year, Gérard created the B90, a free play version of the B60!
The B90 is designed for players who want their own home Bonzini, as well as municipalities, schools and businesses.
Like the B60, it has become an emblem of the sport..


1990 : The B90 became the official competition table of theFédération Française de Football de Table (FFFT).

1992 : The Bonzini foosball table made its competition début with a special model created for Babyfoot Championship, held in Paris at Pierre de Coubertin Stadium.

2002 : This model went on to become the B90 ITSF, the only French competition table approved by the International Federation for all major national and international competitions.

2- or 3-rod mini MODELS

1992 :2-rod “Eurobut” model released.
The 2-rod is the brand’s smallest table.
It is used during the training phases of competitions and fits neatly into small apartments or in play spaces or lounges in high-end hotels and restaurants.

1993 : 3-rod version released

CUSTOMIZED foosball tables

1993 : Bonzini pioneered yet another trend with its 1stcustom foosball table, un B90 habillé des couleurs et du logo de la marque PERRIER. Perrier was so impressed by our models’ strong marketing impact that it continues to use them today. Many other brands and companies have since followed suit.

1995 : Bonzini added the option of personalized or branded players

Grand, Giant and DIVERSITY

1994 : Bonzini developed a new concept: the grand foosball table. It comes in 2- and 12-drawer versions for a truly multi-purpose piece of furniture.

1998 : Bonzini celebrated the Football World Cup with the first 11-a-side Giant Football Table!

France took home the World Cup! Bonzini created a team to match Les Bleus, and then added the option of multicultural players for its tables.


3 METRE Oversized Model

Creation of the 3 Metre or Demi-Giant model. Two teams of 4 can face off across this table.
In 2008, Philippe Starck chose this model for the first Mama Shelter Hotel located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

FEMALE & personalized players

Creation of Bonzini’s first female players.. Female players are available on all models, with the same personalization options as male players.

Player figurine personalization options expanded.

Bonzini produces its first transparent handles, table legs and markers.


Release of the 1st leather upholstered foosball table, in partnership with furniture makers Domeau & Pérès. This unique model, a new addition to the special finishes range, highlights the expert craftsmanship of Domeau & Pérès and Bonzini.

Bonzini, Bergaglia & DAUGHTER

2009 : Ingrid Bergaglia, Gérard Bergaglia’s daughter, joined Bonzini’s marketing, communications and product development department.
She took over development of a wide range of projects and partnerships with brands, companies, government agencies and cultural institutions.
Demand for branded and custom models grew among both individual and corporate customers in all industries.

the 1st CONNECTED model

2010 : The idea for the first connected Foosball table was born !The start-up Tecback worked with Bonzini to create the first connected table football prototype, the augmented B60.
At the same time, it created the 1st social media site for table football players : the Foosball Society.

Just a few months later, the 1st Bonzini Tecback e-foosball table was connected to the Foosball Society!


2017 : Bonzini continued its tradition of family leadership into a 4th generation when Ingrid Bergaglia became Chair of the Bonzini company.

2018 : And the story continues... here !


Bonzini is a taste of my school days!

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