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Unique partnerships and projects

Bonzini has historically cultivated strong partnerships with businesses, craftsmen, artists, and the public sector to develop projects in which a foosball table becomes a communications vector, a cultural or technological icon, or a work of art, bringing new perspectives to the game.

A game of table football in the hotel lobby

Mama Shelter

Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Los Angeles, Rio, Belgrade, Prague… The Mama Shelter brand has hotels in the world’s greatest cities. It will triple its presence by 2021, with new hotels in Dubai, London, and Santiago (Chile).

In 2008, Serge Trigano, the former head of Club Med, and philosopher Cyril Aouizerate developed the idea of “breaking the rules of the hotel industry” with concepts like graffiti and digital screens on the walls, cartoon-style gadgets in every room, giant pool floats at the bar, and a rooftop space with a giant foosball table.

They partnered with contemporary designer Philippe Starck for the design and Michelin-starred chefs Alain Senderens and Guy Savoy for the culinary side, with the goal of offering affordable rooms and meals in the first French lifestyle concept hotel.

The Mama Shelter hotels chose Bonzini, the French lifestyle foosball brand!

In 2008, Philippe Starck was commissioned by Serge Trigano to design the interior of the first Mama Shelter hotel in Paris, located in the 20th arrondissement.

When it was time to select a foosball table for the hotel restaurant’s bar, he immediately chose Bonzini and a Demi-Giant model with a standard finish: natural wood, black legs, red rails and green pitch, just like the original B60 that made the brand’s reputation.

Giant Bonzini table football in the bar of the Mama Shelter hotel in Paris

Starck’s only change to its design was to have the players customized with a “fresh from the factory” finish, with just a coat of white paint on one side and black on the other, confirming his love of raw materials like aluminium and plain varnished wood.

The Bonzini football table: a key amenity for the Mamas

Pink Bonzini mini football table for a Mama Shelter hotel in Marseille

Each new hotel opened by the Trigano family since 2008 has featured a Demi-Giant foosball table, a B90 and a 2-rod model, each with a finish inspired by the hotel's palette of colours and materials.

The Los Angeles Mama Shelter, for example, has a Demi-Giant football table featuring caning and multicoloured 2-rod tables, the Marseille hotel’s is hot pink, the one in Lyon is bright yellow, in Belgrade it’s brilliant black lacquer, in Prague it’s metallic green with yellow legs, and in Toulouse it’s orange. The B90s are either standard models or, like the 2-rod models, match the colours of the Demi-Giant model. All of them feature players with monochromatic black, white, gold or silver finishes.

Foosball for co-working at the Mama Work spaces

Table football for co-working at Mama Work

The brand recently created a new concept to revolutionize co-working spaces like it has done for hotels. Based on the style and community focus of its Mama Shelters, it has started opening “Mama Works” spaces which also feature Bonzini football tables as a way for “co-workers” can relax between meetings or work sessions.

Photos : © Mama Shelter 2018.

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