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Our ethics & our values
Environment - Diversity & equality - Accessibility

Three issues that are near and dear to us, and that we regularly promote through our business.

Our values are focused on people and society, and we are strongly committed to respect for people and the planet. Our approach to our growth and development targets is grounded in those values.


All of the high-quality materials that go into our products are from natural sources. Our manufacturing techniques ensure that our B60 and B90 models can last for four decades - our way of giving back to nature.

We use wood from a PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified source that sustainably manages and uses French forests.

We also recycle all of the scraps and sawdust we generate by using an optimized vacuum system and a briquetting press to turn them into densified wood briquettes for heating.
We also use wood scraps to heat all of our production spaces.

The vacuum system also protects our carpenters from dust and sawdust. It is just one of the measures implemented to ensure that our employees enjoy optimal working conditions.

Vacuum system and briquetting press
Environmental protection, ecological consistency and energy efficiency

Our wood scrap and sawdust vacuum system meets all the new European standards on working conditions in the wood industry.
The system is paired with a briquetting press that turns the scraps from our manufacturing cycle into densified wood briquettes that we sell to individuals and businesses as fuel.
These investments are a natural part of our commitment to sustainable development and recycling.

Environmental and practical benefits of densified wood briquettes

Healthy environment Eco-friendly energy source
Smart waste management Major space savings
Clean burning: 1% ash Higher energy yield than logs
Low humidity Natural resource conservation

Technical features of Bonzini’s densified wood briquettes:

High heating power and space savings: 1 m3 of bricks can replace 4 m3 of logs
Easy to handle: each brick is about 8 cm in diameter and height
Composition: 100% premium, healthy beech wood (no bark)
Beech origin: 100% from the forests of Eastern France
Humidity: very dry wood, maximum 8-10 %

Environmental commitment

The quality of the premium beech wood used by Bonzini, particularly its homogeneity and dryness, ensure a clean burn.

Packaging and Sale Price

Box of briquettes: €6 incl. VAT
Weight: 11kg - Dimensions: 30x30x30cm
Palette of 30 boxes: €80 incl. VAT
Weight: 330 Kg - Dimensions: 1x1x1m
1 tonne, 3 palettes: €190 incl. VAT
Weight: 990 Kg - Dimensions: 3*1x1x1m

All prices are for pick-up at our site in Bagnolet (93).

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Now more than ever, diversity and gender equality are pressing social issues. We have chosen to address them by expanding the range of genders and skin colours available for the players on our table football tables.

In 1998 we created a table based on France’s multi-ethnic World Cup champion football team. Since then, we have produced and installed diverse teams that are truly representative of society on our foosball tables, upon request.

Because gender equality is just as important, we also install female and mixed-gender teams as selected or requested by our customers.


For over two decades, Bonzini has been producing two wheelchair-accessible babyfoot tables so that everyone can join in the fun.

These tables are based on technical and ergonomic research done by our teams and Bonzini fans and players who use wheelchairs. They feature the same high quality and sturdy design as all of our tables and allow users to play while seated.
That also makes them ideal for people who can’t stand for long periods of time and prefer to play while seated.

Bonzini also designed the first wheelchair-accessible competition table. It echoes the look of the ITSF competition table but is designed with open spaces under the table on the goal ends so players can move their wheelchairs without running into the legs.


Bonzini is 4 generations of French expertise

To learn more, go to Our Story.

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