Privileged partnerships and projects

Over many years, Bonzini has cultivated strong partnerships with businesses, craftsmen, artists, and the public sector to develop projects in which a foosball table becomes a marketing device, a cultural or technological icon, or a work of art, bringing new perspectives to the game.

Berluti & Bonzini: the world’s chicest foosball table!

Berluti has styled our B90 with Venezia leather upholstery, aluminium handles and a black graphite playfield.

Innovation and audacity are Berluti’s mantra, inspiring it to bring its craftsmanship and unique leathers to lifestyle pieces that are fun yet refined - two key values for the brand.

The Bonzini by Berluti football table is handmade in France. The cabinet and handles are fully upholstered with Venezia leather, the players are made of brushed and chrome-finished aluminium, the goal mouths are made of polished aluminium, and the pitch features black and white marbling.

Berluti draws on its traditional bootmaking legacy to apply and shape the leather on the rails and legs using the techniques it originally developed for bespoke shoes.

Building each table takes 75 hours of work, with much of the leather upholstering done in our partner Domeau & Péres’ workshops.

This table, available by special order only, has numerous exclusive features developed for this collaboration, including leather-covered handles. It is delivered fully assembled, packed in a special crate for complete protection.

Photos : © Berluti 2018


Each foosball table has a unique serial number.

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