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Bonzini, maker of 100% French football tables since 1927

Discover the Bonzini brand and all our iconic tables: from the coin-operated B60 table to the original B90, not forgetting the Giant football table and our special models. Designed for enthusiasts, we offer a wide range of Bonzini football tables of incomparable quality. Whether you are a novice, amateur or pro player, you will find what you are looking for in our range of popular tables.

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Bonzini football tables are designed for all levels of play with family and friends for maximum fun and excitement. You can customise your football table any way you want: finishes, handles, colours, accessories, etc.

All our foosball tables come in different styles and finishes. As well as trendy styles and design, we focus on quality. Our products and materials are 100% French made. With an expected lifespan of 40 years, we want you to enjoy your Bonzini football table for as long as possible. With their reliability, authenticity and unrivalled quality, Bonzini football tables offer outstanding style and unbeatable fun.

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What our customers and players think about Bonzini and our football tables

Bonzini football tables are designed with the utmost care and passion to offer our customers a unique experience.

It is a real pleasure to see several generations gathered around our Bonzini football table, laughing and having fun together

Julien - Tradesman

he playing experience, the quality of the table and the fact that it's 100% made in France... Thank you, Bonzini !

Erwan - Manager

Professional football tables for every taste

A subtle blend of craftsmanship, industry and technology gives our football tables their distinctive identity. We design our models to appeal to as many people as possible and to inspire and excite all ages to play. Get ready for some lively games with your friends, colleagues, partners or family members.

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Our Wooden Football Tables

4 wooden foosball tables

From authentic to one-of-a-kind designs

All our football tables are made in France using 100% French materials.

Premium beech wood and quality materials ensure our football tables look great and last a long time. In order to guarantee the high level of quality that is the hallmark of the Bonzini brand, every stage of the production process is carried out in a rigorous and meticulous manner.

Wait no longer to discover our wide range of football tables: B60, B90, special models, original, classic or vintage versions, there's something for everyone.

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Original B90 Model
football table

B90 table football on 1 leg

Robust  &  balanced

Created in the 90s, the Bonzini B90 football table is a popular model with individuals, businesses and local authorities.

The manufacturing processes and materials used are similar to those of the B60 football table, except that the B90 has no coin mechanism.

Son meuble en hêtre massif et multiplis, ainsi que son assemblage doublés en acier procurent au babyfoot B90 une résistance à toute épreuve.

With its solid beech and plywood construction and steel-reinforced joints, the B90 football table is built to last. This iconic table football model has a ball return on each side so you can continue to play to your heart's content.

Fun, authentic and easy to play, you'll love your B90 table!

Discover the bonzini B90 football table

Coin-operated B60 football table for cafés or bars

B60 table football with coin-operated machine

The iconic model, a classic !

The famous B60 football table has been used in most bars, cafés, bistros, hotels and restaurants in France since the early 1960s.

The coin-operated B60 football table has a sturdy solid beech cabinet that opens to provide access to the coin mechanism.

Thanks to its high-quality construction, the B60 football table is easy to play.

Make your customers happy. Equip your business with the original B60.

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Our trusted partners

Bonzini has a long history of forging special partnerships with companies, craftsmen, artists and public institutions to develop projects based around football table.

Something for everyone,
Designer football tables

4 baby-foots design

Trendy vintageor timeless

Many of our football tables are available in a range of different finishes. So you can find the style of table football you want.

We can match our models to your décor so they blend in perfectly with your room.

Vintage or contemporary, timeless or futuristic, there's a wide range of football tables for you to choose from. Every year, we bring out new models with different finishes, colours, materials and textures.

The playing surface, handles, rods and players are all customisable, so let your imagination run wild. If you have a specific customisation in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Special Models

2-rod table football and chest of drawers

Chest of drawers, giant, 2, 3 or 8 rods…

Looking for originality? Find out more about our unique football models.

For a small space, a 2 or 3-rod bar table is ideal.

Or you can think big and go for a 3 metre, 8-rod table or indulge in our famous 7.50 metre giant table for maximum fun with 8 or more players.

If you'd like to add storage functionality and maximise your space, we offer practical football tables with 12 large drawers.

You will also find our table football models that have been designed and adapted for people with disabilities.

Ready to treat yourself to one of our special football tables?

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A more modest version of the B90, The Stadium Model

Baby foot Bonzini Stadium

A high-quality entry-level table

The brand's most recent model, the Stadium football table is a simplified and less expensive version of the B90.

This coinless model emphasises its simplicity with a unique melamine wood finish and solid black beech legs.

The colour combinations remain faithful to its predecessors (B60 and B90) and are characteristic of the Bonzini brand.

This football table is ideal for occasional use, so you can have fun in any situation.

Discover the STADIUM football table

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Get the Bonzini experience

Bonzini football tables have been designed and engineered to give you the best possible playing experience and maximum enjoyment for generations. Bonzini, the leading football table brand since the 80's, is a brand rich in memories and shared experiences. Older generations recall their exciting football days and pass on their passion and skills to the younger generation.

Over the decades, Bonzini's popularity and reputation, as well as our mastery of made-to-measure solutions, have led to numerous special partnerships with companies and institutions such as Berluti, Mama Shelter, Perrier, CMN, SNCF, etc. The aim is to make football table a means for communication, a cultural, technical, or artistic object, and to offer new playing experiences.

On the sporting side, the B90 ITSF has become the official French table for national and international competitions. It is approved by the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) and the FFFT (Fédération Française de Football de Table).

It is STUNNING ! We put our Bonzini on our mezzanine. When we’re done with the renovations, the room will be the heart of the house, it’s just perfect! And as expected the kids love it !

Floriane - Retailer

I did it! I emptied my piggy bank and treated myself to my boyhood dream: my very own Bonzini! I’m so happy! Thank you.

Patrick - Employee

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Frequently asked questions​ about our football tables

How much does a Bonzini football table cost?

Stadium model, a simpler version of the B90, is Bonzini's entry-level football table and starts at €1,500. A B90 football table costs between €2,000 and €3,000. The price depends on the level of customisation. A coin-operated Bonzini B60 table costs just over €3,000.
Looking for something bigger? Our 3m-long half-giant football table models start at €5,000. Feel free to contact us for quotes on special finishes or specific models: giant football table (7.5m); 2-rod football table; vintage tables; tables for people with disabilities; etc

What's the difference between the B60 and B90?

Created in the 60s, the Bonzini B60 football table was the first model in the range. As mentioned above, the B60 football table has a coin mechanism, while the B90 does not. The B60 table therefore requires coins to be inserted to start playing. The only real difference between the B60 and B90 models is the coin mechanism.
So the B60 is perfect for cafés, restaurants, hotels, etc., while the B90 is more specifically aimed at individuals and businesses who want a professional football table with a ball return on each side.

Where are Bonzini football tables made?

In order to offer high-quality products, Bonzini football tables are designed and assembled in our factory in Bagnolet, to the east of Paris. The materials used are also 100% French to guarantee the durability of our football tables and accessories.

How long will it take to receive my Bonzini football table?

Depending on the time of year, it takes 6 to 7 weeks to receive your Bonzini football table.

Why choose a Bonzini football table?

Bonzini is the leading football table manufacturer in France and is recognised throughout Europe and internationally as one of the undisputed authorities in the world of football table. Bonzini football tables are used in competitive sports, but can also be found in many cafés, bars and other establishments in France.
The features of our high-quality, 100% French models are designed to give you an incomparable playing experience: beech wood construction, plain green playing surface, telescopic rods, hand-painted aluminium players, etc. Whatever your level, you'll find the football table of your dreams, designed to last for decades!