The B90 with no coin mechanism - the original babyfoot table

This model is highly popular with individuals, companies and local governments. The B90 is a version of the B60 without the coin mechanism, produced using the same materials and processes. Unlike the B60, its one-piece cabinet does not open. The cabinet is made of premium solid and laminated beechwood. The carpentry joints are reinforced with steel elements so they can stand up to anything. The game’s mechanical and moving parts are made from hi-tech materials for better play.

B90 Original

Varnished natural beechwood

Original version

B90 Original Grey Pitch Black Rails

Varnished natural beechwood

Grey pitch Black legs and rails

B90 ITSF Competition

B90 Original

Complete ITSF Options

B90 Cerused Finish

Cerused finish

Natural version

B90 Rustic

Walnut-look wood

Rustic version

B90 White Lacquer

White Lacquer

Shiny finish

B90 Black Lacquer

Black Lacquer

Shiny finish

B90 Grey with Transparent Legs

Grey lacquered metal

Transparent accessories

B90 Monochrome White

White Lacquer

Transparency and Aluminium

B90 Red & Silver

Red and silver lacquer

Shiny finish

B90 White & Silver

White and grey lacquer

Shiny finish

B90 Black and White

White and black lacquer

Shiny finish

B90 D&P White leather-covered

White leather cabinet

Black and metal accessories

B90 Gainé Cuir Noir D&P

Black leather cabinet

Black and metal accessories

B90 Zebra

Black and white zebra-striped cabinet


B90 Tiger

Orange and black cabinet

Animal print style

B90 New York Black

Black and white cabinet

An NYC-inspired look

B90 New York White

White cabinet, coloured lettering

An NYC-inspired look

B90 American West

Grey lacquered metal

Photo application and screen printing

B90 UK Brick Version

Trendy design

Brick-effect Union Jack

B90 UK British Version

Trendy design

British-effect Union Jack

B90 Flower - Green Legs

Floral décor trend

Colourful foosball table

B90 Flower - Transparent Legs

Floral décor look

Colourful foosball table and transparency

B90 with B93 trim

Blue lacquer

B93 sporty look

B90 Ocean

Blue and green lacquer

Ocean-themed décor

B90 Fun Board

Orange and yellow lacquer

Fun Board decoration

B90 Club

Varnished natural beechwood

Club Version


Our B60 and B90 foosball tables last 30 to 40 years!

For more information: visit the “100% French Quality” section!