Contemporary, vintage and timeless styles tendances

All our models are available in a range of finishes so you can find the perfect fit for your décor: vintage or contemporary, trendy or timeless, Scandinavian minimalist or retro-futuristic... We also create new finishes featuring original colours, shapes, materials and textures for all our models and accessories every year.


Bonzini has always been on the cutting edge of innovation with new materials and finishes for its tables.

Bonzini table football in partnership with Berluti

   Soft materials like fabric and leather are used to cover cabinets, handles and rails.
A few examplesDomeau & Pérès | Berluti

Transparent table football handle

  Transparent materials for legs, handles, score counters and accessories.
A few examplesMetallic grey and transparent B90 | News - Transparent handles

Foosball case with decorative motifs

  Bold, original shapes and patterns: zebra stripes, florals, stylized lettering, and custom photos or illustrations (total covering).
A few examplesB90 New York | B90 Flower | B90 Brick

Silver and red foosball table

   Striking colourways including black & white, red & silver, or shading, silver-grey & transparent or monochrome.
A few examples B90 Black and White | B90 Silver and Red

Grey 2-bar table football with polished magnesium Snake handles

  Original colours and finishes for the cabinets and legs: natural matte or coloured satin finishes, silvery grey or metallic colours, two-tone, multi-colour or shaded lacquer.
A few examples:   Grey 2-rod | Black lacquered 3 metre

Silver and gold chrome foosball players

  Metallic finishes including silver, gold, rose gold or bronze, available in polished, brushed or matte versions; natural or patinaed raw metal players, handles, rods and hardware.

Bonzini player in white monochrome Bonzini players in different colours Leather on a Bonzini table


Bonzini made the 1st leather-covered football table

To learn more, visit the Domeau & Pérès Partnership page