Table football handles

All about Bonzini handles

Bonzini offers a wide selection of handles to ensure that all players, from amateurs to professionals, can achieve total playability on all its models.
All our handles can be used on our entire range of tables, from the 2-rod to the Giant!


Football table handles, long and round

The handle is the player’s first point of contact with a Bonzini football table. It drives the first ball, every shot and every pass throughout the game. That means it is one of the key parts of your playing experience.

The two “historic” Bonzini handles are the standard round and long handles (in red in the facing illustration). The handles used on the Bonzini foosball tables found in 95% of French cafés since the 1960s vary by region: round handles are preferred in the north/west half of the country, while the south/east opts for long handles.

“New” and “USA Long” handles were added to the range for increased player comfort and a new experience.

Competitive table football also gave rise to new techniques and styles, with the Snake and long magnesium handles.

Designers have embraced long handles, whose stark lines coordinate with a vast range of styles, particularly with the polished aluminium finish which is increasingly popular on our custom tables.


Here, you’ll find everything there is to know about our handles: their official names, features and details, the associated playing techniques, and their geographical origins. The player’s hand size, playing style and strength are key to choosing a handle. While appearance can also be important, finding the right feel is key.

You’ll be able to make a smart choice and find right handle for your style... or your home décor!

The Round Bonzini handle View catalogue Bonzini round handle

Origin : The round handle is based on the handles found on the machine tool controls in Bonzini’s mechanics workshop in the 1950s! They were later found in most cafés in several regions: Paris and the surrounding region, Normandy, Brittany, Picardy, the North of France and part of the Loire Valley.

Feel and style: These are the shortest, fattest handles. They allow a firm grip with their anti-slip grooving, for “Paris-style” play. They require significant wrist and finger motion and enable active, precise play. While certain shots (snake, jet, etc.) are virtually impossible, they are known for their precision and touch.

Material: Bakelite. Available in black and red.

Dimensions and weight: Diameter 47 mm / length 47 mm / 70 g

The Long Bonzini handle View catalogue Bonzini table football long handle

Origin: These handles have always been used in the countries that surround France, and became popular in French border regions as well. They are the most common handles.

Feel and style: Their slightly conical form allows a vast range of moves (open hand, pull shot, etc.) and all kinds of shots. The whole hand is in direct contact with the handle, putting both the hand and forearm to work.

Note: their small diameter makes them particularly comfortable for smaller hands, so they are easier for children to use.

Material: Black bakelite.

Dimensions and weight:
Diameter 34 mm / length 80 mm / 73 g

Long Magnesium Version

Material: Magnesium Develops a patina with use. The Bonzini logo is engraved on the handle.

Origin: As an ITSF official competition table maker, Bonzini developed a technical handle to meet the performance requirements of competitive players, with a focus on lightness and grip-resistance./p>

Play feel and style: Designed for competition play, these handles feel like long handles but offer slightly faster, more fluid play.

Weight: 92 g

Long Aluminium Version

Material : Aluminium. Shiny finish. The Bonzini logo is engraved on the handle.

Origin : Designed to bring a touch of contemporary class to our range, they echo the shine of the polished metals elements on our football tables (goals, rods, hardware, etc.). Their heavier weight can also benefit play.

Feel and style: These are the heaviest handles in our range. That gives the rod greater inertia during moves and turns for a more powerful game but does require a strong hand.

Weight: 139 g

2018 INNOVATION! Long Aluminium & Silicone Handle

Material: Aluminium and silicone.

Colours : Anthracite grey, pale blue, pale green, and dusty rose.

Origin : We combined two innovative, high-performance materials
with contrasting finishes: silicone, with its trendy matte effect,
and polished aluminium with its elegant shine.
These handles are a sophisticated finishing touch for all
of our models and echo their metallic elements.

Feel and style:
Identical to the long aluminium handle
but with a new feel!

Weight: 139 g

The New Bonzini handle View catalogue Bonzini table football handle

Origin: Created by Bonzini as a more comfortable alternative to the Round handle, whose grooves irritate some players. Its smaller diameter and pear shape make it more comfortable for children and other players with smaller hands.

Feel and style: Multipurpose. Similar to the Round handle but more comfortable to hold thanks to the lack of grooving and softer material. It is also a little longer, for more flexibility in play and sensations similar to those offered by long handles. A good alternative for players who are not comfortable with the Long or Round options.

Material: Special technical polymer

Dimensions and weight: Diameter 45 mm / Length 65 mm / 68 g

The USA Long Bonzini handle View catalogue Bonzini table football long handle USA

Origin: Specially created by Bonzini for American players who wanted a handle designed for their style. It is now popular in France and throughout Europe, particularly among customers looking for a player-friendly option for multi-generational groups.

Feel and styleThe first half of the handle is cylindrical and is held in the palm for a solid grip; the other half, held between the thumb and index finger, is conical for a firm, natural grasp.
These are the most flexible handles. They enable a very wide range of moves (open hand, snake, push/pull, etc.), very similar to that offered by long handles.

Material: Black thermosetting plastic

Dimensions and weight: Diameter 35 mm / Length 99 mm / 90 g

USA Long - Transparent Version

Origin: While it is designed for comfort, this handle’s shape is also highly sophisticated. To expand the design of the Bonzini range, we created a transparent version which reveals the handle’s internal architecture and the elegant shapes of the rod and screw threading. The USA long style is the perfect match for all special finishes and colours.

Material: PMMA

Weight: 73 g

The Magnesium Snake handle View catalogue Bonzini snake handle

Origin : Over the course of national and international competitions and ITSF tournaments, Bonzini supported the development of the “Snake” play style by creating its first magnesium alloy Snake handle.

Feel and style : These are the longest Bonzini handles. They are designed for the “Snake” or “Snake shot” technique, a lightning fast shot made with an extremely fast vertical movement of the hand and wrist. They spin the rod and player one-and-a-half turns, moving the ball to the left or right, before striking at full force.

Material : Magnesium This material develops a patina over time. The Bonzini logo is engraved on the handle.

Dimensions and weight: Diameter 30 mm / Length 120 mm / 120 g


In 1998, Bonzini built the 1st Giant table

football game to celebrate the Football World Cup held in France.