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The B90 with no coin mechanism - the original babyfoot table

This model is highly popular with individuals, companies and local governments. The B90 is a version of the B60 without the coin mechanism, produced using the same materials and processes. Unlike the B60, its one-piece cabinet does not open. The cabinet is made of premium solid and laminated beechwood. The carpentry joints are reinforced with steel elements so they can stand up to anything. The game’s mechanical and moving parts are made from hi-tech materials for better play.

B90 ITSF Competition
This is the official competition table approved by the FFFT and the ITSF. Based on our original B90 model with the addition of the full suite of ITSF options, it is popular with competitive players and increasingly preferred by amateurs keen to experience the sport of table football. For full details on the Bonzini B90 ITSF official French competition table: The official ITSF competition table
1.50 m x 1.00 m x 0.95 m
103 kg
Premium solid and laminated beechwood, 22 mm thick
Carpentry reinforced with mechanical elements for maximum resistance
Solid beechwood, removable
Polyurethane varnish, no ITSF screen printing
Interchangeable telescopic rods made of ground steel with a hard chrome finish, ends threaded with processed steel and 4 mm pin
Aluminium, attached to the rod with high-resistance screws, hand-decorated and kiln painted, unfinished milled feet
Polished aluminium
Ball return
On both long sides
HANDLE OPTIONS - Select 8 handles (* indicates no additional cost)
  • Black
  • Bakelite
Round black bakelite
  • Red
  • Bakelite
Round red bakelite
  • Black
  • Bakelite
Long black bakelite
  • Aluminium
  • Shiny finish
Long Shiny aluminium finish
  • Magnésium
  • Polished finish
Long Polished magnesium finish
Long - New !
  • Two-material
  • Anthracite
Long - New ! Two-material Anthracite
Long - New !
  • Two-material
  • Pastel Blue
Long - New ! Two-material Pastel Blue
Long - New !
  • Two-material
  • Dusty Rose
Long - New ! Two-material Dusty Rose
Long - New !
  • Two-material
  • Pastel Green
Long - New ! Two-material Pastel Green
  • Black
  • Elastomer
Black Elastomer
USA Long*
  • Black
  • Bakelite
USA Long Black Bakelite
USA Long
  • Transparent
  • PMMA
USA Long Transparent PMMA
  • Magnesium
  • Polished finish
Snake Polished magnesium finish

To purchase additional handles, go to the « HANDLES » SECTION of the Parts page.

To discover the strengths of each handle style, go to: « LEARN MORE ABOUT... BONZINI HANDLES »

BALL OPTIONS - Select your balls (* indicates no additional cost)
Cork ball
  • Natural
  • 10 g
Cork ball Natural
Cork ball
  • Yellow dyed
  • 10 g
Cork ball Yellow dyed
Cork ball
  • Heavy version
  • 17 g
Cork ball Heavy version
Cork ball
  • White dyed
  • 10 g
Cork ball White dyed
Plastic ball*
  • Official ITSF
  • 19 g
Plastic ball Official ITSF
Plastic ball
  • White
  • 19 g
Balle plastique blanche

To purchase additional balls, go to the « BALLS » SECTION of the Parts page.

PITCH OPTIONS - Select a colour for your pitch, with or without branding (* indicates no additional cost)
All our colours are marbled
Marbled green*
Pitch - Marbled green
Marbled grey
Pitch - Marbled grey
Marbled black
Pitch - Marbled black
Green with lines
Pitch - Green with lines
Grey with lines
Pitch - Grey with lines
Black with lines
Pitch - Black with lines
RAIL OPTIONS - Select the colour for the 2 rails (* indicates no additional cost)
Rail - Red
Rail - Blue
Rail - Green
Rail - Yellow
Rail - Black
Rail - White
Metallic grey
Rail - Metallic grey
Rail - Gold


Our B60 and B90 foosball tables last 30 to 40 years!

For more information: visit the “100% French Quality” section!