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Unique partnerships and projects

Over many years, Bonzini has cultivated strong partnerships with businesses, craftsmen, artists, and the public sector to develop projects in which a foosball table becomes a marketing device, a cultural or technological icon, or a work of art, bringing new perspectives to the game.

White leather foosball table Domeau & Pérés

In 2009, leather designers and design makers Bruno Domeau and Philippe Pérès put their craftsmanship to work as they produced their 1st leather-covered Bonzini foosball table.

The pair bought a second-hand vintage B60 to restore and cover in leather. They contacted Bonzini for advice and to buy the parts needed to restore it. After several productive conversations, a new idea emerged: the two companies could team up to create and market a leather-covered B90, signed Domeau & Pérès.

The two designers created a model completely covered in full-grain bullcalf leather, available in black and white versions and featuring aluminium figurines with a brushed finish on one side and a chrome finish on the other.

We produce all of the table parts before sending them to Domeau & Pérès’ workshop to be upholstered. They are then returned to our workshops for final assembly of the foosball table. Each step is completed with the utmost attention to detail.

Domeau & Pérès and Bonzini have since partnered on other projects that combine leather and table football, including orders from consumers and companies for custom leather-upholstered B60 or B90 tables.


Each foosball table has a unique serial number.

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