Design and personalize
your own model with us

For over two decades, we have offered consumers and companies the option of customizing most of our football table models to fit their desires, preferences, graphic charters, or simply their whims.


table football for the company gulf

These special orders, ranging from simple to extraordinarily complex, inspire us in our work.

They push us to expand our skills and develop partnerships with a wide range of craftsmen and businesses to create unique models.


We will help you design it before quoting a production cost. We will then build your project, from sketch to delivery, drawing on all the skills needed to execute it to the highest standards and achieve our strict quality requirements.

GULF - the racing model

Branded model in the Gulf company’s colours, echoing the graphic charter
of its sports cars.

RUINART - a sparkling table!

champagne bottles instead of players in this table football the table football for the champagne brand ruinart

Model built for the Ruinart company. The players are two-tone metal bottles - gold/silver and copper/silver.

Unique custom features:

• Two-tone leather covered cabinet • Gilded logo embossed in the leather on both long sides

• Personalized players in the shape of two-tone metal bottles • Matching rails, handles and score counters

B90 ROLLING STONES - The Rock’n’Roll table!

close-up on the tongue of the rolling stones table football rolling stones table football

Model created for the “Rolling Stones - Exhibitionism” show at London’s Saatchi Gallery in 2016 and offered for sale in the Galleries that hosted it in 2016-2017.

Unique custom features:

• Digital printing on the cabinet’s sides • Cabinet and legs lacquered in the colours of the visual identity

• 3-colour screen printing on the pitch • Custom players • Matching rails, handles and score counters

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VUITTON - the couture model!

table football player as a bellboy for louis vuitton louis vuitton table football

Model built for the Vuitton company and displayed in the brand’s stores in France and worldwide.

Unique custom features:

• Cabinet covered with the brand’s iconic checked leather • Custom “groom”-shaped players painted in 2 different colours

• Score counters featuring red and white beads with metal inserts • Handles covered in natural leather with engraved metal rounds

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Star Expérience - The Rugby Babyfoot

rugby players in a table football! heineken star experience rugby football table - bonzini

Model built for Star Experience / Heineken. This model is a brand-new playing experience: a rugby team faces off against a football team, each on their own pitch, with a football goal at one end and rugby goalposts at the other, and players can choose between two balls, one round and the other oval!

Unique custom features:

• Digital printing on the cabinet’s sides • Custom players dressed for rugby • Oval cork ball

• 2-colour screen printing on the pitch • Rugby goalposts with a ball recovery net built into the cabinet

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Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie - The Baby Food

players in the shape of cutlery and tongue for the table football of the cité des sciences et de l'industrie the baby food - cité des sciences et de l'industrie - bonzini

A “3 Metre” model created for the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie for the 2010 travelling exhibition “BON APPETIT.”

Unique features of this branded table:

• Digital printing on the cabinet’s sides • Custom players shaped like forks, knives and tongues

• Digital printing on the pitch • Chrome-finish players painted red and black • Score counters shaped like kebabs

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Bonzini made the 1st leather-covered football table

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