Foosball and France

100% French production, materials & quality!

At Bonzini, quality is our top priority. Manufacturing our products in France using premium 100% French materials is key to their quality and durability.

Our B60 and B90 models have an average lifespan of 30 to 40 years! A truly impressive performance in the era of planned obsolescence... That commitment to building long-lasting, attractive and sustainable products has always been a core value for our brand - our certified Bonzini quality.


Bonzini factory in Bagnolet
Raw aluminium table football player

Our 4,400 m2 site in Bagnolet site has over 40 employees. We produce close to 5,000 foosball tables of all models on the site every year, serving consumers, municipalities and public spaces.

Bonzinis account for 85% of the “professional” football tables found in France’s hotels and cafés, and we export more than 30% of our production to 60 countries on several continents.

We exclusively use premium beech and other high-quality materials - steel, aluminium and plastic - produced throughout France.

The wood we use comes from eco-friendly sources in Lorraine. Logs are delivered to our carpentry workshop, where they are cut into boards before being shaped and assembled.

After the cabinets are varnished in the Paris region, the mechanical game parts (rods, goals, players, coin mechanism, etc.) are manufactured and installed on the tables in our assembly and mechanics workshops.

For standard and custom models alike, every step of the manufacturing process is completed with painstaking care and rigorously inspected to guarantee that it meets the high standards that have made our brand’s reputation.

Carton of table football ramps
Bonzini foosball railing
Blue table football players
Bonzini foosball table big side raw
Gerflex foosball mat
Metal tubes for table football bars


All Bonzini models are made in France, in Bagnolet. All the materials and parts used in our tables are 100% French. The parts we use are made directly in our workshops or by companies and suppliers in a dozen French regions.

Map of materials used for a Bonzini table football
1. Screws and nuts
2. Aluminium players, outside ball receivers and goals
3. Composite and metal handles
4. Score counters and score beads
5. Screws and nuts
6. Wooden logs and boards
7. Plastic rails
8. Rods
9. Pitches
10. Balls
11. Springs
12. Packaging
13. Bearings
14. Ball returns
In our Bagnolet workshops:
Cutting up, cutting and shaping
> Cabinet assembly
> Production of all mechanical parts
> Machining and mechanical assembly
> Customization and screen printing
> Packaging and shipping
Bonzini coin mechanisms: Our famously reliable coin mechanisms are fully manufactured in our workshops. They are based on decades of expertise in general mechanics dating back to the company’s creation and perfected over the years.
Bonzini coin-op


Bonzini invented the telescopic rod

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