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www.bonzini.com – Official website of the BONZINI ® company
The website www.bonzini.com is published by the BONZINI ® company under the direction of Ingrid Bergaglia (Chair).
The entire www.bonzini.com website, including all pages and content, is the property of the BONZINI ® company.
Chairwoman Ingrid BERGAGLIA
Headquarters: 24, rue Désiré Vienot, 93170 Bagnolet
Tel.: +33 (0)1 43 60 34 46
Fax: +33 (0)1 43 60 94 78


This website and its contents are protected by intellectual property law.
Full or partial reproduction of the content of the pages on this website is prohibited without the express prior consent of BONZINI ®.
French law authorises the use of brief quotations for commentary and criticism, as long as they are strictly concomitant thereto and accompanied by a citation of the original author and a link to the source webpage.
BONZINI ® is a registered trademark protected by the applicable laws and against any unauthorised use by third parties.

Photographs, illustrations, diagrams and graphics:


Unless otherwise indicated on the relevant pages, all photographs, illustrations, diagrams and graphics on the website were created and produced byFred Dumur for the Bonzini company.
Any full or partial reproduction and commercial or promotional use is prohibited without the written consent of their creator.


The website www.bonzini.com is hosted by the company OVH. For more information, please refer to the website www.ovh.com.
BONZINI ® declines all responsibility for any unavailability of the website www.bonzini.com or its services.


The design, illustrations, photographs and graphic charter for this website were created by Fred Dumur.
The website was developed by Thierry LEROY.


This website’s content and pages were generated by the open source application PrestaShop, distributed under a GNU/GPL (general public) license. For more information, please refer to the publisher’s website: www.prestashop.fr.

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