Bonzini & Tecbak present
The eFoosball table and the Foosball Society

Tecbak, a startup that specializes in connected objects, teamed up with Bonzini in 2011 to create the first connected football table. Integrating new technologies into the B60 turned it into an ultra-connected, augmented table that combines the best of physical and digital experiences.
At the same time Tecbak founded the first dedicated social network for eFoosball, the Foosball Society, with a dedicated application that players can use to connect to eFoosball tables and challenge friends or colleagues in real time, or check their results and statistics in their accounts.


Top view of the connected foosball table Family discovery of the Connected Foosball Table

Technological INNOVATION

The technology embedded in the B60 has constantly evolved since the first prototype was built. Current models are highly precise and reliable. The latest model boasts impressive features:

Goal and bounce sensors Video camera: Recording and tracking Curved 27” video screen:
SAP Video Replay dashboard
Universal smartphone jacks Digital display: Ball speeds, goals, messages Wired internet connection QR codes: Player position identification Bonzini Connected Football Table by Foosball Society

The eFoosball won the Alliancy 2013 Grand Prize and a 2014 Venus de l’innovation award.

Online buzz: Science & Avenir | 01.net | RTL | L'usine Digital


A COMMUNITY of connected players; 2.0 camaraderie

Logo of the Foosball Society company Connected Foosball application on the computer Connected Foosball game

The Foosball Society is the first social network for eFoosball. Members include businesses, brands and government agencies as well as individuals. The network aims to create a profound shift in relationships among players by focusing on camaraderie and performance using the analysis and communication tools included in the app.

Players can use the mobile app or web platform to access their statistics, rankings and prizes. They can also stay in touch with friends, colleagues or partners after the game, creating new kinds of relationships and bringing a new energy to foosball.

Companies that are keen to boost employee performance and accelerate connections between teams now have the perfect way to foster integration and cooperation while also reducing stress - it’s also a great way for brands to create traffic in sales locations and build customer loyalty with new business intelligence resources.

Foosball Society crest For more information:   Official FOOSBALL SOCIETY website
Foosball Society onFACEBOOK
Foosball Society onTWITTER

A dedicate Foosball Society APP

With this app, users can create an account and then connect to the Foosball Society’s eFoosball games to challenge a friend to a live match. Just scan one of the 4 QR codes with one or more friends, a ball will be released, and a digitally refereed match can begin. You can:

Connected table football application on smartphones

Follow the score in real time Replay the goals in slow motion Cancel disputed goals Indicate back goals or own goals View rankings and statistics Share replays with other players Find and support other players Share highlights and goals on social media Win trophies for outstanding play

Download the Foosball Society app:
For iPhone on Applestore
For Android on Google Play store


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