The B90 ITSF: the table of Champions!

Foosball is also a sport: Table Football. Table Football is a full-fledged sport with its own rules, competitions, clubs and champions. With players on all the inhabited continents, it has its own official bodies which handle administration and run competitions and events.
Our B90 ITSF is the only French professional competition table approved by the International Federation for all major national and international competitions.


Foosball competition Competitive football game

Table Football is a sport for everyone - young and old, men and women alike. Wheelchair users can join the competitive community thanks to our leisure and competition models designed to accommodate their needs.

In France, competitive table football is managed by the FFFT (Fédération Française de Football de table) , and more than forty countries worldwide have their own federations, which are members of the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) , the body that promotes the sport’s international development and brings together players from around the world.

Bonzini has been the FFFT’s main partner since its creation and sells one of the 5 official international tables certified by the ITSF, . the B90 ITSF .

This model was based on extensive research and development undertaken in 2007 at the ITSF’s request by its 5 partner manufacturers, with the goal of achieving consistency across the different tables and international playing styles to include everyone in the sport while preserving the unique identity and features of each model.

Bonzini foosball player with the yellow ITSF competition ball


Technical features of the B90 ITSF model

Façades: solid and layered premium beechwood, 22mm thick
Assembly: carpentry combined with mechanical elements for maximum durability
Legs: solid beechwood, removable
Finish: polyurethane varnish, no ITSF screen-printing
Rods: interchangeable telescopic rods made of ground steel with a hard chrome finish, ends threaded with processed steel and 4 mm pin
Players: aluminium, attached to the rod with high-resistance screws, hand-decorated and kiln painted, unfinished milled feet
Goals: polished aluminium
Dimensions: 1.50 m x 1.00 m x 0.95 m
Weight: 103 kg
Outside ball receivers on the 2 long sides
Official ITSF competition table - B90 Competition

Mandatory features on the Official B90-ITSF

1. An official competition license affixed to the B90 ITSF table and issued by the Federation.

2. Increased stability thanks to two steel crosspieces which add 23 kg to its weight.

3. Better lateral ball control thanks to the players’ unpainted feet, with milled lateral surfaces.

4. Optimal table levelling and height adjustments thanks to 4 legs with elevating screws.

5. Special 3-colour score counters: 5 red and 3 blue for points and 2 white for matches for one team; the reverse for the other.

Different elements of a competition football table

ITSF-certified Bonzini equipment

1st official competition table: B90-ITSF  for major tournaments, national and international championships, and world cup.
2nd official competition table: B60-ITSF for official public training locations.
Official training tables: Standard B90  for training for Bonzini official competitions.
Official competition ball: ITSF-B  ball for official competition and professional training.

ITSF wheelchair accessible competition table

The first wheelchair accessible competition table was designed to echo the look of the standard ITSF competition table but has open spaces under the table on the goal ends so players can move their wheelchairs without running into the legs.

The solution: each inverted J-shaped leg is shifted to the side, giving the table an elegant and original look with its sleek curves.

A version with transparent sides has also been developed to give seated players a clear view.

Technical features of the ITSF wheelchair accessible competition table

Identical to the B90 ITSF standard
External dimensions: 2.12 m x 1.00 m x 0.90 m
Weight: 70 kg
Clearance for legs under the cabinet: 0.69 m

ITSF-B official competition ball

Competitions use the official ITSF-B ball (B stands for Bonzini) approved by the ITSF.

It is made of a complex blend of composite plastics designed to meet the strict criteria defined by the Federation: grip, weight, deformation, elasticity, resistance and lifespan.

Technical features of the ITSF-B ball

Material: composite plastic Weight: 18.5 to 19 g Diameter: 34.5 mm Colour: yellow Official marking: itsf-B

Handisport competition table football game Official ITSF competition table and itsf-B ball


2 magnesium alloy competition foosball handles

We have developed 2 magnesium alloy competition handles: the classic long handle and the snake handle. Magnesium alloy’s major advantage is the fact that it is 30% lighter than aluminium. That means players can turn the rods faster, a potentially decisive advantage in elite competitions where every detail counts. The designer touch: each handle is engraved with the “Bonzini” name.

These elegantly stylish handles can be installed on special and standard models alike.

Technical description Snake Handle

Material: magnesium alloy Length: 120 mm
External Diameter: 30 mm Weight: 120 g
Bonzini rod connection: Standard
Finish: Smooth and polished; develops a patina with use.

Technical description Long Magnesium Handle

Material: magnesium alloy Length: 80 mm
External Diameter: 30 mm Weight: 93 g
Bonzini rod connection: Standard
Finish: Smooth and polished; develops a patina with use.


Bonzini is the Formula 1 of table football!

Fred - Professional player