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Our Catalogue: Other

Our Catalogue: Other

Our Catalogue: Other



Bonzini supplies the parts you need to maintain, restore or repair all of its models. If you have any questions about which part to order, feel free to contact our team at +33 (0)1 43 60 34 46 or using our contact form..

Coin box

Fully lacquered and secure metal coin box for the B60

Coin mechanism

System used to trigger a game of foosball with a coin or appropriate token. High-precision system fully designed and produced in Bagnolet by Bonzini.
Can be modified to take any type of coin.

Polished aluminium goal for the B60

Polished cast aluminium part, attached to the cabinet from the inside with 2 steel nuts + 2 washers

Set of 2 score counters

Score counter system, stainless steel rod and high-impact polystyrene balls

Stainless steel goal back

Stainless steel back for the B60 and B90 goals.

Ball separator

Internal vertical separator made of isorel, for ball distribution on the B60.

Ball outlet

Aluminium external ball return part on the B60

Polished aluminium goal for the B90

Polished cast aluminium part, attached to the cabinet from the top using pins

Stadium screw cap

Protective cap for the Stadium’s rod screws for user safety

Stadium Shock Absorber

Rubber piece used to cushion the rod’s movements in one direction

Nylon bearing (Stadium)

Self-lubricating guide for the Stadium’s rods

Plastic goal rivet (Stadium)

Clip-type fastener for the Stadium’s plastic goal

Stadium inner rod

Fixed inner rod made of polished ground steel, no rod support, over which the outer player rod is fitted



Our B60 and B90 foosball tables last 30 to 40 years!

For more information: visit the “100% French Quality” section!