Our Catalogue: Hinges

Our Catalogue: Hinges

Our Catalogue: Hinges



Bonzini supplies the parts you need to maintain, restore or repair all of its models. If you have any questions about which part to order, feel free to contact our team at +33 (0)1 43 60 34 46 or using our contact form..

Cabinet hinges, full set

Set of two garnet hinges used to open the B60 cabinet

Hinges for the split base

Set of 2 metal hinges used to open the pitch for cleaning

Closing bracket

Metal part used to lock the cabinet, installed on the upper part of the B60 cabinet
(2 identical parts, one left and one right)

Closing rod

Metal part connected to the lock to open and close the B60 cabinet (2 identical parts per table football table).

Metal guide bush, full set

Set of 4 metal parts which comprise the lower portion of the B60 cabinet closure system

Full opening lever, full set

Wooden lever used to hold the top of the B60 cabinet open for maintenance



Our B60 and B90 foosball tables last 30 to 40 years!

For more information: visit the “100% French Quality” section!