Bonzini on social media

Following the go-live of our new website and blog, we have just opened «Bonzini Officiel» accounts on four major social media sites..

We decided to invest in social media to help us better communicate with you and to share our new products, our news, and other information on Bonzini foosball tables. We picked the 4 major sites that are the best fit for our needs: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Join the Bonzini social media community and follow our official brand pages!


Bonzini sur FacebookFacebook :
Page name: Société Bonzini
Page tag: @BonziniOfficiel


Bonzini sur LinkedInLinkedIn :
Page name: Société Bonzini



Bonzini sur InstagramInstagram :
Page name: bonzini_officiel
Page tag: @bonzini_officiel


Bonzini sur PinterestPinterest :
Page name: Bonzini_Officiel