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Table Football as a sport

A sport for everyone!

> For over 50 years now, table football has been one of the most widely-played and popular pastimes.
It's also a sport, and one that is played on every continent. Official bodies such as the FFFT and the ITSF are helping to bring the sport of table football to an ever-expanding audience by organising national and international competitions.

> Table football is a universally accessible sport, played by men and women, juniors and veterans alike. Disabled people in wheelchairs can now join the sporting community of table football players, thanks to specially-designed leisure and competition tables that accommodate their special needs.

> Table football is a sport in its own right. Come and watch one of the major competitions organised by the French Table Football Federation (FFFT) or the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). You'll be astonished to see literally hundreds of players demonstrating a very high level of sporting and artistic mastery.

> Read on and in the following pages you'll learn about the main two official organisations that have been working in recent years to develop the sport of table football.

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