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As Innovation meets tradition !

> For more than 50 years, Bonzini tables , B60 and B90 models have been  proposing to public areas and associative structures a real complement to animation.        

> Safe value of the leisure of group, our tables guarantee the multigenerational conviviality. Today, the private individuals are more and more numerous to equip themselves at home with an authentic Bonzini table.         

Bonzini adapts his range of models to the tendencies of decoration of the housing environment. Designers and architects are used to integrate Bonzini tables according to the layout and furniture of their customers, families or companies.        

> The Bonzini baby-foot is a modern vector of communication. A lot of French and International companies consider football table so much as a fashion and a convivial product. They equip their head office and their subsidiaries with a customized table using the colours and logo of the company.

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